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#SproutChat: Running a Social Media Campaign, Event or Contest

Running a event, campaign or contest is exciting for your social community. They get a chance to win something of value and engage with your brand and in a new and exciting way. This week at #SproutChat we discussed the why and how of running a social media contest.

Benefits That Go Beyond Exposure

A contest will undoubtedly provide a brand with more social media engagement and increased awareness. Prior to launching your contest, take the time out to really understand what drives your audience to participate. What do they value? Go beyond exposure and monetary prizes and include incentives that set your brand apart from competitors.

Choose Your Entry Format Carefully

At the end of the day, driving awareness and reach on social is great but you really want to impact the bottom line. Consider entry type and which will garner the most qualified prospects or leads.

Promote Your Contest Across Social Networks

After you’ve solidified a contest type, it’s time to focus on the logistics. Hosting your contest across multiple channels is great for exposure and ensures you reach each of your different audience types. However, a contest with such a large scope may be tough to manage. There’s no right or wrong answer and what your brand decides to do will be heavily influenced on budget, time, resources and your audience.

Get Inspired

Before you launch your contest, take a look at these campaigns for inspiration:

Next week, we’ll be releasing a calendar that outlines all of November’s upcoming #SproutChat topics. In the meantime, be sure to join our Facebook community to continue the conversation on social media contests and other industry related news.

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