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#SproutChat Recap: Planning Social Media Content for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching quickly and as a social media professional, you need to plan ahead. Even though it’s not even Halloween yet, it’s time to start planning for holiday campaigns and initiatives. This week at #SproutChat, we discussed how to plan for the holiday season.

Plan in Advance

Anticipate the time you’ll need to launch and run holiday campaigns and initiatives. With all the other stressors of this time of year, you’ll be thankful you set yourself up for success.

Set up Reliable Tracking Methods & Assign Value to Social Engagement

During the holidays, sales for many industries substantially increase. It’s crucial to schedule social content ahead of time and set up tracking for campaigns that helps prove the ROI of your social efforts. Work with your marketing acquisition team and streamline reporting so determining the holiday sales attributed to social isn’t a headache.

Be Generous With Your Customers

Everyone is in the giving mood during the holidays and your business should be too! Get creative with ways to show extra kindness or generosity during the holiday season. It could be something as simple as a coupon or handwritten thank you note. These small acts of generosity go a long way.

Showcase Your Company’s Culture

The holidays are a great time to pull back the curtain on the inner-workings of your organization. Showcase fun events and traditions that your company hosts for its employees. For customers, seeing the faces behind the product or service they love help the overall image of your business.

Get Inspired With Some Holiday Cheer

These brands have successfully launched memorable holiday campaigns. Take a few pointers from the pros and get started planning your own initiatives!

See you next week on Wednesday, October 26 at 2 p.m. CDT to discuss how to run a social media contest. Join the #SproutChat Facebook community to meet other social media professionals and to stay posted on weekly topics and discussion questions.

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