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#SproutChat Recap: Creating Shareable Content

Creating content is easy, but creating content that your audience consistently shares is something else entirely. At this #SproutChat, the folks at BrandExtract and the Sprout community shared best practices for creating on-brand content that will reach the right people and have a meaningful impact. Check out additional advice from the team on creating brand content that earns shares.

Create Content That Cuts Through the Noise

Social networks are saturated these days. Consider what would undoubtedly catch someone’s eye. Attractive images or video are a good place to start. Consider niche content that will appeal to your audience specifically. The more relatable, the higher likelihood that people will share or engage with the post.

Look Beyond Social Networks for Promotion

Social networks are likely your main focus as a social media marketer as the place to promote content, as they should be. But consider ways to highlight social media posts containing content. For example you could start an email campaign highlighting your most popular Instagram posts. Similarly, you can create something tangible, such as a handout or swag, from a successful piece of social content.

Encourage Team Members to Share Content

Some reliable bets you can make around content sharing involves your own team. Educate your colleagues on the benefits of sharing branded content on their social networks. Be sure to make it easy to share through a reliable advocacy tool. Offer sample copy and reward positive behavior such as consistent sharing (as opposed to constant).

Measuring Success Is a Longterm Commitment

Keep in mind that content marketing is typically a long term strategy. It might take several social media posts and more than one web visit to actually generate ROI. Work with your team to consistently monitor what’s impacting the bottom line and balance that with popular content to create a strong content strategy.

Join us next week for #SproutChat on Wednesday, March 29! We’ll be joined by Sprout All StarBeth M. Wood, to discuss the Future of Content Marketing. See you sat 2 p.m. CDT on Twitter!

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