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#SproutChat Recap: Creating Compelling Video Content

Video needs to be an essential component of your social media strategy. So why aren’t more brands embracing social media video content? When it comes to video and social there are definitely challenges ranging from quality to consistency. This week at #SproutChat, we discussed common challenges for creating video and community members shared solutions for producing more effective video content.

Equip Your Team With the Proper Tools

Reliable tools are instrumental to the entire video creation process. To ensure success, do your research and invest your time and financial resources into the software that best fits your team’s needs, objectives and goals. However, remember that software can’t turn everything into something. So make sure you’re complementing your tools with a talented team, detailed storyboards and thought out distribution plans.

Subtitles for the Win

When people are consuming social media on desktops or mobile, they don’t usually turn the sound on right away. Adding subtitles to your video ensures viewers know what’s going on in your video content. Just be careful not to include so many subtitles that viewers can’t read fast enough.

Consider the Distribution Channel

Users expect different experiences on different social networks. Create video content that aligns with these habits. A good rule of thumb is–short, sweet and compelling.

Use Raw Footage when it’s a Good Fit

In the era of live social video, not all video content should be highly polished and produced. When it comes to user-generated content, emphasizing an individual perspective, SnapChat or Instagram Stories, raw content goes along way.

Know Which Metrics Translate to Success

Measuring success with video is key. Knowing which metrics translate to success is crucial for your marketing strategy to succeed.

Join us next week to discuss social media listening vs. monitoring. In the meantime, stay in touch with fellow industry experts in our #SproutChat community.

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