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Our 2019 List: The Top 50 Social Media Marketing Influencers

2019 TopRank Marketing Social Media Marketing Influencers

2019 TopRank Marketing Social Media Marketing Influencers It’s that time of year, marketers. Once again, we’re absolutely thrilled to present our annual list of 50 influential leaders who are engaging on social networks around the topic of social media marketing. The goal of this annual list? To showcase the top 50 influential voices in the marketing industry we can all learn from and follow. List Methodology: Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) Platform Assisted: Ranking of the people in this list leverages data and algorithms from Traackr, which is an influencer relationship marketing platform. Unlike the vast majority of lists like this that are published online, this list considers many more data sources than just Twitter. To provide a better sample across the web, Traackr rankings can include citations and links from data sources such as blogs, publications, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Ranking data sources and scoring: For the ranking, this list leverages a combination of data points including:

  • Relevance: A score that indicates how influential a person is to a specific topic based on the keywords you provide. Signals for relevance include keyword mentions, keyword diversity, content production rate, freshness of content and other contextual measures. In this case, it was “social media marketing” as well as 10-plus derivative phrases.
  • Resonance: A score of how impactful the influencer is with their audience. Resonance measures engagement activity that occurs as a result of publishing (mostly social) content.
  • Reach: A score derived by the reach algorithm that takes into account followers, fans, subscribers, visitors and other audience metrics. Remember, this is more than just Twitter.
  • Audience: Unsurprisingly, this refers to overall social audience size.

Each of these signal sources are factored into the algorithmic ranking for identified influencers with a focus on topical relevance, resonance of message with the audience and then audience reach. The result is a combination of broad-based influencers as well as individuals with a very specific focus and very high resonance and relevance scores. You’ll see new faces as well as as a variety of disciplines and specialties represented. Many thanks to all who continue to actively share their knowledge about social media marketing through year-round engagement and by providing help to others with insight and expertise in our vast social realm. We hope this list will serve as a handy jumping off point to start your ongoing journey of learning from these leading social media marketing industry influencers. You’ll likely see both many familiar faces and a wonderful variety of new social media influencers. We plan to learn new lessons from these 50 social media marketing influencers and hope you’ll do the same throughout the year.

2019 — 50 Social Media Marketing Influencers

Kim Garst @kimgarst
CEO, KG Enterprises Donna Moritz @sociallysorted
Visual Content Strategist, Socially Sorted Ian Anderson Gray @iagdotme
Founder, Seriously Social Neal Schaffer @NealSchaffer
CEO, NealSchaffer.com Madalyn Sklar @madalynsklar
Social Media Speaker & Consultant, MadalynSklar.com Dan Gingiss @dgingiss
CEO, Winning Customer Experience, LLC Brian Fanzo @isocialfanz
Founder and CEO, iSocialFanz Mari Smith @MariSmith
Social Media Speaker & Consultant, MariSmith.com Rebekah Radice @rebekahradice
CEO, RadiantLA Jasmine Star @jasminestar
CEO, JasmineStar.com Carlos Gil @CarlosGil83
CEO, Gil Media Co. Tamara McCleary @tamaramccleary
CEO, Thulium.co Dustin W. Stout @dustinwstout
Co-Founder, Warfare Plugins Peggy Fitzpatrick @PegFitzpatrick
Marketing & Social Media Manager, Kreussler Inc. Michael A. Stelzner @mike_stelzner
CEO & Founder, Social Media Examiner & Social Media Marketing World Lee Odden @LeeOdden
CEO, TopRank Marketing Christopher Penn @cspenn
Co-Founder and Chief Innovator, Trust Insights Owen Hemsath @owenvideo
Video Producer, The Videospot Bernie Borges @bernieborges
Co-Founder & CMO, Vengreso Samantha Kelly @tweetinggoddess
Owner, Tweetinggoddess Heidi Cohen @heidicohen
Chief Content Officer, Actionable Marketing Guide Brooke B. Sellas @brookesellas
Founder & CEO, B Squared Media Gini Dietrich @ginidietrich
CEO, Arment Dietrich, Inc. Roberto Blake @robertoblake
Owner & Creative Director, Create Awesome Media Chris Strub @chrisstrub
CEO, I Am Here LLC Mark Schaefer @markwschaefer
Executive Director, Schaefer Marketing Solutions LLC Jay Baer @jaybaer
Founder, Convince & Convert Nicky Kriel @nickykriel
Social Media Consultant & Strategist, Nicky Kriel Social Media Park Howell @parkhowell
Business Story Strategist & Keynote Speaker, Business of Story Amanda Webb @spiderworking
Social Media Trainer & Strategist, Spiderworking Andrew Pickering @andrewandpete
Co-Founder, Andrew and Pete Viveka Von Rosen @linkedinexpert
Co-Founder & Chief Visibility Officer, Vengreso Sean Cannell @seancannell
Founder, Think Media Amy Porterfield @amyporterfield
Online Marketing Expert & Trainer, Amy Porterfield, Inc. Steve Dotto @dottotech
President, Dotto Tech Guy Kawasaki @GuyKawasaki
Chief Evangelist, Canva Sue Beth Zimmerman @suebzimmerman
Keynote and Breakout Speaker, Sue B. Zimmerman Enterprise Ann Handley @annhandley
Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs Sunny Lenarduzzi @sunnylenarduzzi
Social Media Strategist & Consultant, SunnyLenarduzzi.com Laura Rubinstein @CoachLaura
CEO & Social Media Strategist, Transform Today Josh Elledge @joshelledge
Founder, UpMyInfluence.com Ramon Ray @ramonray
Editor and Founder, Smart Hustle Magazine Chalene Johnson @chalenejohnson
CEO & Social Media Consultant, Team Johnson and SmartLife Brian G. Peters @brian_g_peters
Strategic Partnerships Manager, Buffer Robert Rose @Robert_Rose
Chief Troublemaker, The Content Advisory Lewis David Howes @lewishowes
Founder, School of Greatness John Jantsch @ducttape
President, Duct Tape Marketing Ian Cleary @iancleary
Founder, RazorSocial Jo Saunders @mrslinkedin
Trainer & Conference Speaker, Wildfire Social Marketing™ Billy Gene Shaw @askbillygene
Founder & CEO, Rethink & Relive LLC

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Statistical analysis, no matter how deep and well-researched, can only go so far in finding the people who you’ll find the most helpful and influential in your daily professional marketing lives, which is why we’d love it if you’d please share the name of social media marketers that influence you most in the comments section below. Some of our social media marketing influencers will be speaking at this week’s Social Media Marketing World 2019 conference, and we’ll have plenty of live-blog coverage of the event throughout the week, from our Senior Digital Strategy Director Ashley Zeckman and Content Strategist Anne Leuman. See where we’ll be here. To further your own social media marketing expertise, here’s a bonus list of our top 5 posts about social media marketing from the past 12 months:

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