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Online Marketing News: Search Ranking Factors, 2017 Digital Trends & New Mid-Roll Ads

The Most Important Google Search Rank Factors [Infographic]
Search rankings are a key consideration for many aspects of a digital marketing strategy — and the ever-changing nature of search algorithms doesn’t necessarily make it easy to determine where the most impact can be made. This infographic spells out the top 20 most important Google search rank factors. MarketingProfs Edelman Digital’s 2017 Trends Report
Edelman released their annual digital trends report and things are looking good for virtual and augmented reality, as well as programmatic digital ad spend. What else will be trending this year? The 50 page report has all the details. Edelman Facebook is Going to Start Showing Ads in the Middle of its Videos and Sharing the Money with Publishers
Facebook will be showing ads in the middle of publisher videos and giving half of that revenue to the publishers whose content is showing the ad. The videos need to be over 90 seconds long, and the ads will show after 20 seconds of viewing. Recode Google Confirms Rolling out the Mobile Intrusive Interstitials Penalty
On Monday, Google confirmed their penalty for sites which show intrusive interstitials on mobile pages. The penalized interstitials include popups that cover the page’s main content, standalone interstitials you have to dismiss to view content, and layouts where above the fold content appears to be a standalone interstitial with the page’s content underneath the fold. Search Engine Land Instagram Will Show Ads to the 150 Million People Viewing Stories Daily
Instagram will begin showing video and photo ads in their Stories feature while users are swiping from one Story to the next. These ads will be powered by Facebook’s ad network, and are only shown when users go directly from one story to another. Marketing Land Snapchat Is Testing New Ad Features to Improve Ecommerce and Lead-Gen Marketing
AdWeek reports that Snapchat is releasing two new features directed at ecommerce and lead gen — deep-linking and auto-fill: “For Snap Ads, which is the platform’s between-stories video offering, consumers can swipe up and tap a link to be taken out of Snapchat and directly into a new app—to a playlist in a music app, or a product page in an ecommerce app.” AdWeek 72% Of Marketers Say Data Analysis More Important Than Social Media Skills “A new report by ad-tech provider Blue Venn finds that 72% of marketers consider data analysis more important than social media skills,” reports MediaPost. Other notable stats: 27% of marketers hand over data analysis to IT departments and 80% of large enterprises find data analysis to be a vital skill. MediaPost 71% Plan to Spend More on Digital Marketing Activities in 2017 [DATA]
According to a recent poll by Search Engine Journal, 71% of people surveyed planned to spend more on their digital marketing activities in 2017, while 14% plan to spend less, and 15% plan to spend around the same. This means an increase in digital marketing investments is likely in 2017. Search Engine Journal What were your top online marketing news stories this week? I’ll be back with more marketing news for you next week. For your daily dose of marketing goodies, follow @toprank on Twitter.

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