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Introducing the Tag Report: Analyze Performance Across Your Tagged Messages

Sprout’s recent message tagging update provided users with a robust set of tools for organizing inbound and published messages from Sprout’s Smart Inbox or Compose.

Today we’re excited to introduce the Tag Report. This feature rounds out our message tagging toolset and creates an end-to-end tag management system. With the Tag Report, social media managers can analyze the effectiveness of tagged messages with insights on volume and performance patterns.

Analyze Tagged Messages

The new Tag Report provides a summary of messages tagged from Compose and in the Smart Inbox. The report offers a comprehensive breakdown of each tag so you can quickly understand message volume and how your team is applying tags.

Sprout Social Tag Report Overview

If you’re using tags to categorize published messages, the report provides engagement metrics. If your team is primarily using tags to organize incoming messages in the Smart Inbox, the report provides a breakdown of received metrics. You can also use the network filters to toggle between data for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Sprout Tag Report Filter by Network

How to Use the Tag Report

Sprout’s message tagging system was designed to fit a myriad of use cases ranging from measuring campaigns to understanding brand sentiment. How the Tag Report can compliment your social strategy is dependent upon how your team is currently using message tagging.

Below, we’ve outlined two common ways marketers are using message tagging and how the Tag Report can help support each effort.

Measuring Campaigns

Your team can use the Tag Report to measure inbound and outbound messages that are associated with a specific social campaign or promotion. For instance, let’s say you’re a retail brand that runs a social campaign around a summer promotion.

From Compose your team can apply specific, campaign-related tags to outbound messages. This same tag can be applied from the Smart Inbox to inbound, campaign-related messages. The corresponding tags will help your team organize related messages and analyze the success of your campaign.

Your team can use the Tag Report to dig into the metrics and compare tags by volume or engagement metrics such as impressions or Likes. This will help you gauge participation and make informed, strategic decisions in the future.

Sprout Tag Report Stats by Tag

Understanding Brand Sentiment

Analyzing brand sentiment is important, especially when it comes to the messages fielded by your business’ social customer care team. Your team can use Sprout’s message tagging feature to keep track of pre-emptive, proactive and reactive communications.

To understand how your audience feels about your services, products or updates, apply sentiment-based tags to incoming and support-related messages. Then use the Tag Report to understand message volume and which tags are commonly used together. These findings can support your future customer care efforts.

Sprout Social Tag Report Commonly Used With

To learn how your team can utilize Sprout’s message tagging to its fullest potential, download our guide.

Continue Working Smarter as a Team

The release of the Tag Report enables teams across your organization to categorize, organize and analyze social messages. Whether you’re using tags to keep track of your social media marketing efforts, social customer care initiatives or for campaign management, the Tag Report can help your team make better informed business decisions.

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