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How To Pass Custom Parameter Data to Your Landing Pages

With LinkTrackr it is possible to pass your own tracking data from the source click to the destination URL or landing page. To pass-through any data you want, first turn on Parameter Parsing.

Custom Tracking Parameter

Then, you can add anything to the end of your tracking link, by adding ?parameter=value

If you add more than one parameter, make sure you are using the proper format and syntax. For example if you are passing two parameters, you need to add this at the end of your tracking link:


Do not use any space in your tracking parameters, to avoid them breaking up in a browser. Always use space or underscore.

Not recommended:

?userid=12&page name=Top 10 Things to Do in Rome&button=Bottom Button

Doing it like this s not recommended, too many fail points if the string is broken.



In the above example, the string is not broken by spaces. This is mch more reliable when passing your custom parameters.

If you want to pass parameters dynamically, it has to be done from the traffic source. For example, you can add custom code to replace the userid value with the user’s actual ID. This cannot be done from within LinkTrackr.

Here’s how the final link, using your standard LinkTrackr link with the tracking appened, looks like:


So, you can use this method to instantly add any kind of tracking you want. These customs parameters you add will not show up in your LinkTrackr reports. If you want tracking that you can see in the reports, use the Campaign feature in LinkTrackr instead.


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