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A lot of news that you will not see in the paper. A lot of technology that is coming out that will not see in the paper.

B2B Marketing News: B2B Marketers Challenged By Messy Data, Instagram’s Pinned Comments, Sprout Social’s Index & Top Pandemic Emotion Study

2020 July 17 WP Engine Chart

2020 July 17 WP Engine Chart

More than 1 in 3 B2B Marketers Held Back from Measuring Campaigns by Messy Data
36 percent of B2B marketers say that having messy data is a top marketing performance measurement challenge, according to recently-release report data. Topping the list at 47 percent was the inability to perform cross-platform data analysis, however, followed by a lack of resources at 42 percent. MarketingCharts

'Surprised' emotions in video ads drive conversions during pandemic, study says
Video ad performance jumped 360 percent when showing surprised people, while there was a 64 percent drop in conversions for video ads showing happy emotions during the first three seconds — two of several findings of interest to digital marketers in newly-released pandemic marketing study data. Marketing Dive

Instagram now lets everyone pin comments on posts
Brands have a new option for helping manage Instagram conversations, as the Facebook-owned platform has rolled out the ability to pin comments on posts, expanding a previous test to all users, the firm recently announced. CNET

4 in 10 Marketers and Creatives Lack A Single Central Source of Truth for Digital Assets
Just 34 percent of marketers report using a digital asset management (DAM) system, while 61 percent use only cloud storage platforms, and 51 percent who use a server on-location at the company, according to recently-released survey data. MarketingCharts

Google Adds New Predicted Audience Action Tools into Google Analytics
Google has updated Google Analytics with a variety of new automated audience suggestions that use the search giant's latest advanced prediction capacity, offering data such as the likelihood of a purchase within a week, the company recently announced. Social Media Today

Twitter's Working on a New Subscription Service, Which Could Provide New Options for Prominent Users
Twitter stock shares rose some 12 percent over the possibility that the firm is planning to launch a subscription-based service that may include an option to pay for a verified account — a change that could affect how digital marketers utilize the platform. Social Media Today

2020 July 17 Statistics Image

Google’s 3D Swirl ad format now available in DV360
Google recently announced that its display and Video 360 customers worldwide now have access to its 3D Swirl mobile interactive ad format, which allows advertisers to either utilize existing 3D digital assets or create new ones using Google's Poly 3D design platform. Marketing Land

COVID-19's Impact on Marketers' Content, Investment, and Targeting Strategies
56 percent of U.S. marketers have increased spending on social content, according to recently-released survey data, while thought leadership content investment was up some 53 percent, the report noted. MarketingProfs

Why consumers follow and unfollow brands on social media [Sprout Social 2020 Index]
35 percent of consumers find new social media accounts to follow through mentions from influencers who they follow, according to new Sprout Social report data, which also shows that 89 percent will purchase from brands they follow online, and that 50 percent have increased their social media usage over the past six months. ClickZ

Gen Z wants brands to be 'fun,' 'authentic' and 'good,' study says
Gen Z trusts brands more when they use actual customers in ads, and 72 percent are more likely to buy from a company that contributes to social causes, according to recently-released report data. 58 percent of the demographic also said that they can’t be offline more than four hours without becoming uncomfortable, the report shows. Marketing Dive


2020 July 17 Marketoonist Comic Image

A lighthearted look at “the value proposition and lessons from higher education” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

Mother Using Facebook Night Mode Afraid She’s Stumbled Onto Dark Web — The Hard Times

Instagram Post of Twitter Screenshot Shows TikTok Star Reacting to Vine Compilation on YouTube — The Hard Times


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Break Free B2B Marketing: Dell Outlet’s Andre Ortolon on Microinfluencers for Hyper-Relevant Content

Break Free B2B Andre Ortolon of Dell Outlet Image

Break Free B2B Andre Ortolon of Dell Outlet Image
In our part of the country, there’s a phenomenon called the “Minnesota goodbye.” It’s when you’re leaving a social gathering (remember those?) and you say goodbye, walk to the door… and keep talking to your host. Then you step outside the door, and continue the conversation. Then you walk to the car while keeping up the chatter. All told, a proper Minnesota goodbye can last up to an hour. 

All of which to say: We may have already wrapped up season two of the Break Free B2B series, but it’s time for the Minnesota goodbye. 

Back in February, I talked to Andre Ortolon from Dell Outlet about their micro influencer program. It’s a fascinating campaign because it was something of a B2B/B2C hybrid: Their target audiences included gamers, content creators like vloggers, and small business owners. The messaging was dramatically different for each audience. But they all had to live on the same landing page.

It was an ambitious campaign that highlighted the importance of relevance for influencer marketing. It’s all about finding the folks who are truly influential to a specific audience, not just those with the highest follower count. 

Dell and TopRank Marketing’s innovative approach to influencer marketing made the campaign a finalist at the 2020 Killer Content Awards.

Listen in as Andre and I talk influencer marketing, automation, personalization, and more.

Break Free B2B Interview with Andre Ortolon

If you’re interested in checking out a particular portion of the discussion, you can find a quick general outline below, as well as a few excerpts that stood out to us.

1:12 Why a micro influencer campaign?

2:30 Credibility and relevance in influencer marketing

3:47 Values and purpose in influencer marketing

5:30 Differentiating B2B and B2C messaging

7:40 Creating and co-creating content with influencers

9:40 Technology as an equalizer for small business & entrepreneurs

10:45 How marketers can avoid stagnation and keep learning

13:30 Making a credible connection with audiences

14:15 Avoid being a ‘can of beer’ campaign

15:00 Honesty & authenticity in marketing

17:00 Looking into the future trends in marketing

18:45 Avoiding ‘shiny object syndrome’

19:45 Managing teams and processes 

22:15 How can marketers break free?


So we know influencer marketing means different things to different people. Right, everything from getting Taylor Swift, or the CEO of Cisco to write a blog post for you.


I think the whole Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber kind of praise is a bit transparent at this point. You know, even millennials or younger generations are not really buying that. It has to have a lot of credibility. It has to be people that are relevant to them on a more personal level. 

So that's the approach we're taking, it’s partnering with people that align well with our corporate mission, some of our value propositions. And so we have to look for ways that Dell Outlet fits in with the people that we're working with to have that credibility. 

And also to differentiate us from Dell because, you know, we're a division within Dell. So we are not selling the same exact products. We sell refurbished and overstock, but it contributes to the circular economy, the environment, so finding those micro influencers that align with these values so you know that it exists across the consumer space and the business space. 

We've actually been surprised at the level of engagement and actual throughput lower into the funnel. We were expecting a social influencer campaign to be pretty strictly top of funnel — just making people aware of our brand. Maybe they learn a little bit about us, but not necessarily taking that next step. But we've actually seen pretty good success in getting them interested enough in what we're doing and our product to browse our portfolio.


Just in general in marketing, where do you think the next change is coming from?


You know, it's cliche, but technology is huge. And it's a big equalizing force too. So I think a lot of small companies can now benefit in a big way from things like, you hear the buzzwords like AI and machine learning, but that kind of thing is accessible now to not just large multinational corporations like us, but we're also a very small division with a smaller budget. 

So we're able to take advantage of business partners that have technology and engineers that create really cool and innovative ways to get your messaging out there. 

Social media platforms can launch a company and a brand and turn it into a billion dollar business in a short amount of time. You know, I was at a social media conference not long ago, and they talked about Kendra Scott. She's a local jewelry designer in Austin. And she really got started going to local jewelry stores and just telling her story and making a connection with these more mom and pop shops, but eventually got into Neiman Marcus, and then used social media and that platform to sell her story and make a connection with her customers. 

She recently went public and I think it's now a billion dollar company. So for me it kind of boils down to taking advantage of things like social media, taking advantage of new technology and keeping up to speed with that. 


It’s  interesting. I hadn't thought of it that way. But when we talk about doing things at scale, it’s, “enables enterprises to reach 20,000 people,” but we don't think of scale the other way, which is what you're talking about smaller business.


Yeah, there's many examples of that. Right. Like the music industry, small artists can launch a song and they don't need to have a record deal anymore. It's the same thing for small businesses or even entrepreneurs that are just starting up, if they can. They have the tenacity and the right product. They can leverage these tools and the technology, they don't need huge budgets. Just do it in a smart way to start building their brand and increasing sales.


So this question is listed as what mistakes are you seeing in the industry? I would say what opportunities in the industry? What are we getting wrong? And what are the opportunities?


I think this is a trap that any marketer can fall into, really getting into the day to day — you know, we're all busy looking at how did our campaigns do? Did we drive enough traffic to the site? What was the conversion of your organic search? 

And, I mean, there's so much data out there. We're so busy with emails and meetings that you can really get stuck in a rut and forget to take the time to step back and look at the bigger picture. 

I mentioned earlier that I'm a big believer in technology. So you know, really stepping back looking at going to conferences like this one, for example, is a great way to get up to speed on the latest technology to get information and ideas from people in the industry. I think that's something that everybody's probably guilty of, to some extent is, getting too buried in the day to day and not really taking the time to step back and look at your strategy and educate continuously and getting up to speed on the latest trends.


We always think about the process of optimization, always being aware of your results. But sometimes we do forget to apply that to ourselves as marketers, right?


Yeah. You can optimize your organic campaign, you can make sure you've got the latest trending words. But, you know, you've got to also keep yourself up to speed and educated, like I said, and even looking for new partners and vendors that can provide something that you are not an expert on. That takes a lot of time and effort. You've got to tear yourself away from the bottom line sometimes to get to that point.


It’s so easy to get stuck.


Yeah, absolutely. You also have to take stock sometimes and really look at your overall process, you can't always be in the execution mode, you have to look at end to end, the processes and making sure that you're developing kind of a holistic approach and not just selling a unit. You're building a connection with your brand. And you've got to think about your strategy and make sure you're still aligned with that in what you're doing day to day.

So, we're in what I would consider one of the more fun careers right? It's creative and, it's on the cutting edge here in front of customers. It's probably one of the more exciting places to be. And my philosophy is to have some fun with it. You know, even though I'm in corporate marketing and I have been my whole career, but, you know, take some chances, do innovative things, have some fun with it. That's probably my approach towards life, not just marketing. 

Stay tuned to the TopRank Marketing Blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel for the next season of Break Free B2B. Here are a few interviews to whet your appetite:


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