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Ashadee Review – Hybrid Affiliate Network

This Ashadee review is interesting, since it is a newcomer in the world of affiliate marketing. However, Ashadee offers a fresh take on making money online by combining traditional media ads with pay-for-performance marketing.

With Ashadee, you can get paid not only for sales and leads you generate, but also for clicks, banner impressions and other actions. Other affiliate networks like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Shareasale, Peerfly and SellHealth offer one or two of the above, but not all.

In short, Ashadee is a affiliate and advertising hybrid like no other.

Ashadee review disclaimer: Ashadee is a sister company of Kreydle, owners of LinkTrackr, Heylo, Nichify and other software.

Ashadee Review: How You Get Paid

Let’s get right into the juicy details: how you get paid!

Like all the other affiliate networks reviewed on this blog, Ashadee is free to join. You have an option to verify your identity by producing personal documents (drivers license or identity card) in order to qualify for top tier programs.

You get paid every two weeks via PayPal or bank transfer for revenue generated in the prior two weeks.

In fact, Ashadee offers more bank transfer options than most US or UK based affiliate networks. Affiliates in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philiphines and Singapore should be able to receive commissions in their local currencies directly to their bank accounts, instead of having to wait for a check to arrive in the mail.

Ashadee’s long term goal is to build a solid following in this region, with a population of over 200 million but routinely ignored by US-based networks like Commission Junction or ClickBank.

Ashadee Review: How You Make Money

Ashadee Review

With traditional affiliate marketing, you make money when someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys something. With CPA networks, you get paid for generating leads. With ad networks like Goggle Adsense, you get paid for displaying ads or for generating clicks to the advertiser’s website.

With Ashadee, you can get paid for all of the above. So, to call Ashadee an affiliate network is inaccurate. In fact, Ashadee uses the term ‘crowd advertising’ to refer to their business model.

It’s important to note in this Ashadee review, that Ashadee places more importance on localization.

This means affiliates will see more offers and products based on their geographic location. So if you’re an affiliate in Indonesia, you are more likely to see advertisers and merchants based in Indonesia, with commissions and offers in Indonesian Rupiah.

However, you are free to promote any offer in any currency. All your earnings are converted back too your local currency for payment.

That aside, everything else is similar to anything you’ve tried so far. You have unique links that you need to use to track your sales, leads and clicks. You have banner and text widgets that you can use on your website to make money from impressions and clicks, just like in Google Adsense.

Ashadee Review: Usability and Dependability

Ashadee Review and Testimonials

Ashadee is easy to use, and is definitely more more modern compared to a lot of aging affiliate networks out there. Being the new kid on the block has its advantages – Ashadee offers more tracking and reporting, as well as the possibility of integrating a lot of popular services.

Ashadee sports a “flat design” with a minimalist layout. The user interface is intuitive, with easy access to important pages and functions. The responsive design also makes Ashadee a breeze to use on touch-based devices like tablets and smartphones.

Most affiliate networks are boring, complicated, and not optimized to maximize the income of affiliates. Ashadee hopes to avoid those pitfalls, while looking to the future where mobile platforms and technologies are becoming the center of our lives.

You can signup for Ashadee here: www.ashadee.com

This Ashadee review is meant for publishers or affiliates. If you are an advertiser, you can read more on the Ashadee review page for advertisers instead.

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