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8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers

How much time did you put into creating you Twitter bio? If you just treated it as an afterthought or rushed to finish, there’s a strong chance it’s probably not as strong as it could be.

You don’t have to spend hours crafting your Twitter bio, but you should put more effort into it than most brands realize. Instead of just going through the motions to get it done, follow these tips to create a Twitter bio that serves as more than just a placeholder.

The Pieces of Your Twitter Profile

Your Twitter profile is made of four main areas:

  1. Your Name & Username
  2. Bio
  3. Location
  4. Website

Name & Username

twitter username

You have two types of name identifiers on Twitter: Your name and username (aka @username). Your username has to be unique, meaning it can’t already exist on Twitter. On the other hand, your name can be whatever you want.

Keep it simple here and use your company name for both if possible. There are some situations where this might not work though. For instance, your company’s username might already be taken or it may not fit within the 15-character limit. In those cases, you’ll have to get a little more creative.

Here are some tips on how to choose a Twitter Handle, including what to do if your business name is already taken. If you can’t use your business name, try these popular alternatives:

  • Use HQ: @acmehq
  • Use your location: @acmechicago
  • Add your industry: @acmeapps
  • Use “get”: @getacme

Some other best practices are to avoid unnecessary numbers, underscores and random characters. The easier it is for people to remember your username, the better.


twitter profile bio

Your bio, which is what this article is primarily about, is the section of your profile that explains your overall business. It’s usually the first thing people will look at when they visit your profile, and it even sometimes shows up in search engine results.

Needless to say, your bio is important. How much value it provides for you however, depends on the amount of work you put into it.


twitter profile location

The location setting is particularly important for companies with a local presence. If you have a physical storefront like a retail shop or restaurant, include your geographic location here. Even if you don’t have a store where people can visit, you can still list the city your business is based out of.


twitter profile website

Did you know that social media drives 31% of all website referral traffic? Adding a link in your Twitter profile is a simple way to capture some of those potential visitors. It can be a link to your website, landing page or blog post. Also, a little-known hack you can use to get multiple links in your profile is to add one in your bio.

We recommend using a trackable link so that you can keep an eye on traffic that comes from Twitter. Services like Bit.ly or goog.gl track clicks while shortening your URL, making it more aesthetically pleasing to viewers.

Now that you know what makes up your entire profile, let’s narrow in on the bio, since it’s the area that you’ll put the most thought into. Here are eight Twitter bio ideas to make your account stand out for all the right reasons:

1. Intrigue People

Let’s be honest, most people don’t get super excited about reading through Twitter profiles. But part of the reason behind that is a lot of brands have boring, cookie-cutter bios that don’t have anything to pull people in.

After reading your Twitter bio, you want people to feel like they need to know more. The way to do this is by piquing their interest somehow. There needs to be something in your bio that immediately catches your audience’s attention. As you can imagine, that’s difficult to pull off within 160 characters, but it’s not impossible.

Evernote manages to explain what they do, while appealing to your curiosity. You can’t help but feel compelled to check out their stories, tips and tricks after reading their bio.

evernote twitter bio

2. Explain What You Do

It sounds basic, but you might be surprised by how many brands have Twitter profiles that don’t explain what they actually sell or do. Large established brands like Nike can get away with that. But if you’re not internationally known, adding context is very helpful. People shouldn’t have to go to your website in order to figure out what your company does.

Writing a company description in your bio is also a good exercise to test how clear your messaging is. If you’re struggling to describe your company in 160 characters, there’s a good chance you’ve overcomplicated it on your website and marketing materials too.

Take a look at how GoldieBlox manages to clearly explain what they do while being very succinct. It’s the perfect elevator pitch!

goldieblox twitter bio

3. Include a Call to Action

Getting people to follow your brand on Twitter is nice, but it shouldn’t be your end goal. Having followers for the sake of having them is pointless. You want to get people off the app and onto your website or landing page so you can convert them into a lead or customer.

All it takes is a quick and short description of why people should click the link in your bio. If you want to improve your chances of success, create a special opt-in offer of some kind that you can direct your Twitter traffic to.

RYOBI Power Tools uses their Twitter bio to direct people to their blog with a clear call to action.

Ryobi Power Tools Twitter Bio

4. Shout Out Your Other Brands

If your company has a sister brand, why not promote it in your bio? Twitter Handles are clickable within Twitter bios, so just include @username and people will be able to easily get to your other brand’s account. This is also helpful if you have a separate Handle for customer support or a help desk.

Take a look at how we include our employee advocacy platform Bambu and customer support Handles in our Twitter bio:

sprout social twitter bio

5. Promote Your Branded Hashtag

Does your company have a branded hashtag you want your followers to use when mentioning your brand on Twitter? Make sure people know about it by including it in your Twitter bio.

The Helper brand has one thing in their bio, #WATCHTHESTOVE, which is the branded hashtag they launched as a part of an April Fool’s campaign in 2016.

helper twitter bio

6. A Little Humor Doesn’t Hurt

Remember what we said about intriguing people with your bio? Humor can give you just the edge you need to pull people in and catch their interest. Every brand may not be as humorous as Jimmy John’s or Old Spice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a bit of funny every now and then.

Take UberFacts for example. The website is full of random interesting facts. Their Twitter bio does a good job of explaining what they’re all about in a humorous way.

Uberfacts Twitter Bio

7. Include Important Keywords

When people are searching for content related to your industry on Twitter, you want to show up. Adding keywords into your bio can improve your chances of showing up in Twitter’s search results.

Notice that we said to include important keywords. You don’t want to start throwing a bunch of keywords into your bio just for the sake of having them there. They need to be relevant, not forced. If you followed the second tip and described what your business does, there’s a good chance you naturally included some keywords that make sense.

FitFluential’s Twitter bio has relevant keywords to describe what they’re all about. Notice how it doesn’t seem like they wrote their bio around specific phrases. Instead, they wrote their bio and keywords naturally fell into place.

FitFluential Twitter Bio

8. Avoid Unnecessary Buzzwords

You’ve probably seen it before. Twitter bios with things like “Disrupting the communication industry” or “Lean startup shaking up the tech world.” While they might sound trendy in your head, the reality is these buzzwords do little to make your bio more appealing.

You’re trying to stand out from the crowd. Using the same buzzwords hundreds or thousands of other people use is more likely to make your brand blend in and go unnoticed.

It’s Time to Rethink Your Twitter Bio

If your Twitter bio isn’t as appealing as you think it could be, do a refresh. You can change your bio any time and test different copy to figure out what’s most effective. Take some time to look over your bio and see if you can implement any of our eight tips to make your Twitter bio more effective.

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