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Digital Marketing News: SEO for Bing, Uncool Apps and Facebook’s Engagement Drop

Is it Worth Doing SEO for Bing? These Usage Stats May Surprise You [Infographic]
In the SEO world we, unsurprisingly, hear about Google a lot. How much time have our collective SEOs devoted to Bing? With more than 5 billion searches per month and 59 million users, it's time for us all to take notice. This infographic outlines some interesting usage stats about Bing. Social Media Today

New Report: Millennials Hate Apps With Uncool Design
A new Comscore report shows that logos matter to millennials, and that they're eager to delete apps from their phone if they don't like how they look on their screen. Other findings from the report include Snapchat's return to popularity with millennials and Facebook's continued dominance of the mobile app market. Ad Age

Facebook Engagement for Brands and Publishers Falls 20% In 2017
New research from Buzzsumo shows that Facebook's engagement rate for brands and publishers fell by 20% so far in 2017. The study analyzed 880 million Facebook posts from brands and publishers and found that average engagements fell from 340 to 264 in the first half of this year. Buzzsumo

2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report
A study from Return Path shows that about 20% of marketing emails never reach the intended recipient -- globally, 14% went missing and the remaining 6% were vanquished to the spam folder. The results were similar for the US compared to the world at large. Return Path

Google Introduces Video to Google Maps Listings
Google has announced that they'll soon be giving Local Guides the ability to upload video with an android device -- allowing users to start seeing videos on Google Maps listings. While Local Guides can only upload via Android, the videos can be viewed by users on iOS, Android or Desktop. Search Engine Journal

Facebook Advertising Benchmarks for 2Q17
MarketingProfs says: "The average clickthrough rate (CTR) on Facebook ads increased significantly between the second quarter of 2016 and the second quarter of 2017, according to recent research from Nanigans." The average global Facebook advertising CTR increased by 49% year-over-year. MarketingProfs

40% of Consumers Want Emails From Brands to Be Less Promotional and More Informative
A new study from Adobe found that 40% of consumers wants brands to be more informational than promotional in their emails -- however, 61% would rather receive promotional emails from brands vs. other tactics like direct mail or social media. AdWeek

Consumers Demand More, Forgive Less, Study Finds
MediaPost reports "Some 60% of consumers become less loyal to brands after poor website and app performance, a survey reveals, with more than 80% saying they would consider telling friends about their poor experience." The survey was multi-national, spanning from the U.S., to the UK and Sweden. MediaPost

What were your top digital marketing news stories this week?

We'll be back next week - straight from Content Marketing World - with more top digital marketing news. Have more to share? Tweet to @toprank or email our newsroom.

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How to Generate Revenue With Your Content

Want to make money from your content? Wondering how a loyal audience can create business opportunities? To explore business models that help publishers generate revenue, I interview Joe Pulizzi. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers, business [...]

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How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress in 5 Minutes or Less

You want to know whether your blog is doing well, right? Whether those posts you work so hard on are attracting traffic, and where that traffic is actually coming from? Whether your last marketing campaign was a smashing success or an unfortunate bomb? Because if you don’t know whether what you’re doing is working, you’re(...)

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Give Influencer Content Programs a Promotional Edge with Digital Advertising

It happens almost every single time. I’m finally settling in to stream a few episodes before I go to bed for the day. I fire up the old Netflix machine and there it is… options… lots of them. There are shows I’ve seen before that I might want to watch again. Genres that I’m interested [...]

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5 Social Sharing Tools for Teams

Do you want your employees to contribute to your social media marketing? Looking for tools to manage the content people share on social? In this article, you’ll discover five tools that will help you coordinate the content your team posts on social media. #1: Leverage Employee Advocacy With Smarp If you’re looking for ways to [...]

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Travel Marketers Have a Trust Problem

Travel marketers — y’all have a tough gig. Not only do you have to persuade prospects to spend their hard-earned cash, you also need them so spend their hard-earned vacation time. It’s no wonder then that a lack of trust on travel landing pages can have have a devastating effect on your conversion rates. Fortunately, data scientists at Unbounce have mined thousands of travel landing page to provide you with data-backed strategies to improve trust on your travel landing page. Take a trip with us?

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Final Boarding Call for Content Marketing World: Don’t Miss these 10 Presentations

Does anyone look forward to getting on an airplane anymore? Sure, you may be excited about where you’re going or what you plan to do when you get there. But anyone happily anticipating the screening, boarding, and flying part—well, I’ll have whatever vitamin supplement they’re on. If you’re headed to Content Marketing World, odds are [...]

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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement

Want your LinkedIn posts to attract more viewers? Wondering how to increase views and shares of your LinkedIn content? In this article, you’ll discover five simple tactics to improve engagement on your LinkedIn posts. #1: Write Text-Only Posts You’ve probably heard that people engage more when a social media post shows an image or video. [...]

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Behind the Marketing Curtain: An Interview with Social Customer Care Wiz Dan Gingiss, McDonald’s

Behind the Marketing Curtain with Dan Gingiss

Social media marketing has become an important part of any brand’s digital marketing mix, helping brands of all sizes foster customer connections and engagement. But as more consumers use social media to “ring the bell” and gain access to the person who can help solve their problems, many find the social bell is out of order when it comes to customer service.

For social media wiz Dan Gingiss, McDonald’s Corporation’s Senior Director of Global Social Media, customer service is arguably one of the most important pieces of social media marketing.

“Social media is the first and only channel where customers can talk back, marketers need to listen and engage,” Dan told me in a recent interview.

With more than two decades building up his marketing wizardry, Dan knows a thing or two about ushering people through the emerald social media gates and providing great social care—and no ruby red slippers are required for entrance.

With that said, as part of our Wizard of Oz-inspired Behind the Marketing Curtain interview series, today we’ll pull back the fabric and get to know more about how Mr. Gingiss arrived in the wonderful world of marketing, and share insights that can help inspire better customer service within your social media strategy, and perhaps kick a wicked habit or two.


The Man Behind the Curtain

Dan Gingiss, Senior Director, Global Social Media, McDonald'sDan has spent most of his life and marketing career in the Chicago area—that’s his Kansas, he said.

“[Well], it’s not quite Kansas, but still the Midwest!” he joked.

And while Dan has been a marketer for more than 20 years, his numerous talents aren’t bound to any one industry. He also bills himself as a “pretty decent” pinball player and a grammar nerd—and he’s also a licensed bartender.

“[I got my bartender’s license] after taking a two-week night course after college and placing first in the speed drink-making contest,” he explained while also noting that there’s no fire or bottle flipping in his repertoire.

Dan is also a huge baseball fan—particularly when it comes to the Chicago Cubs club. But he’s arguably a pretty big Cleveland Indians fan, too; his all-time favorite movie is Major League.

“[It’s the] perfect combo of humor, a little bit of romance, and baseball!” he said.

As a marketer, he’s built his career as a marketing generalist. Borrowing a phrase from the John Fogerty song “Centerfield”—and keeping in line with his love of the game, Dan said: “I am a ‘put me in coach’ kind of guy. As a result, I’ve enjoyed domestic and global roles in B2C and B2B, product management, loyalty programs, and acquisition marketing.”

Over the last two decades, Dan has held positions at Discover Card, Humana, Diner’s Club International, and Mesirow Financial. Earlier this year, Dan joined McDonald’s Corporation as Senior Director of Global Social Media. He’s also a podcaster and the author of Winning of Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experience on Social Media.

So how did self-proclaimed marketing generalist land in a social media-specific role? We’ll cover that in the next section.

Following His Yellow Brick Road

As an undergrad student at the University of Pennsylvania, Dan was majoring in Psychology and Communications—meaning he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, he said. But, being the grammar nerd he is, he was the managing editor of the college newspaper. One evening, as he was pasting up the next day’s edition, he spotted an ad from MBI, Inc., a high-end collectibles company in Norwalk, CT that operates under The Danbury Mint brand.

“The ad promised to teach me ‘everything you need to know about direct marketing,’” he recalled. “So, I applied and they did.”

“On my first day of work, I was handed a bunch of product lines and told to create and execute marketing plans in direct mail, package inserts, and the Sunday coupons—that’s how I learned,” he said.

Four years later, Dan went back to school for his MBA and took his “first” marketing class. At that point, he realized that his undergrad studies provided the perfect foundation for becoming a marketer.

“Psychology and Communications are two perfect majors for a marketer because they are two skills that basically define what marketing entails—understanding your customer, and knowing how to speak to him or her,” he said.

But his journey was certainly not over. While spreading his wings as a marketing generalist over the years, in 2012 Dan found his true marketing passion: social media.

“[Mike Boush], the Chief Digital Officer at Discover Card, asked me to lead digital customer experience and social media even though I had no professional experience with either,” he recalled. “He recognized something in me even before I did: That I am most comfortable with my ‘customer hat’ on, thinking about every experience through the customer’s eyes. I also immediately fell in love with social media—especially Twitter—and never looked back.”

Dan’s Traveling Companions

Just as Dorothy found dear friends and encouragement in the Scarecrow, Tinman and Cowardly Lion as she made her way to Emerald City, Dan’s yellow brick road was paved with a little help, too.

The aforementioned Mike Boush was one such individual who made an impact.

“He challenged me to become a “recognized leader” in social media,” Dan said.

Another was Jeff Reid, who was Dan’s boss at Humana.

“He asked me to create a personal goal (writing a book) and execute on it,” Dan explained.

Another mentor that came to Dan’s mind was the late Robin Carey of Social Media Today.

“She definitely had courage,” he said. “After meeting me once, she agreed to sponsor my brand-new podcast called ‘Focus on Customer Service.’ It was the first of its kind—dedicated solely to customer care in social media—and I had never recorded a podcast episode previously. Fifty-plus episodes later, that podcast spawned my book.”

“Robin believed in me when she didn’t have to, and I’ll never forget her for that,” he added.

Meeting the Wizard

At TopRank Marketing we believe in taking a smart, creative and results-focused approach in everything we do for our clients, as well as our own personal growth. Dan is certainly someone who exemplifies these qualities in his work as a social media marketing wizard. So without further ado, let’s dive into Dan’s tips for better social media marketing.

Good witch or bad witch? What’s one bad social media marketing habit marketers should drop?

Thinking that customer service is someone else’s problem. When we interrupt people’s social media feeds with marketing messages, we hope that they will engage with our fun and interesting marketing content. But sometimes, all we do is remind them that they had some other problem with our brand. Since social media is the first and only channel where customers can talk back, marketers need to listen and engage.

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Dorothy’s ruby slippers were the key to achieving her end goal of returning home. What are a few tools you believe are key for social media marketing success?

Always be listening. People will generally tell you everything you need to know about your business—what’s working, what needs fixing, and what could be your next big hit. Marketers need to embrace the feedback, including compliments, questions, and complaints. Knowing your customer will definitely help you become a better marketer.

There are a number helpful social media marketing and listening tools out there—many of which I covered in the chapter on social customer care tools in my book—that can fit into any marketing budget and are worth the investment.

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Poppies. Poppies. Poppies will put them to sleep! What creative tactics can marketers use to keep their social audience engaged?

Always be engaging, too. I know, so many rules! But consumers want to engage with brands on social media. That’s usually why they reach out in the first place. Companies that engage back can create loyal brand advocates that will tell their friends and followers on social media. We’ve all seen the studies—there’s nothing more believable than an objective friend talking positively about a brand. And I’ve personally seen 1:1 engagement rates even after a customer service inquiry that far surpass any marketer’s wildest dreams. Then scaling that becomes the challenge.

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What’s one thing you would ask the all-powerful marketing wizard for? (More budget, more resources, better data?)

An end to social media marketers thinking of social as a “special” channel that gets to play by different rules. Other than that consumers can talk back, social is just another marketing channel. It’s not unfair to ask for a return on that marketing investment. It’s not unfair to point out that likes, comments, and retweets don’t mean anything if more people aren’t buying your company’s products. Social marketers need to understand that corporate marketing budgets are finite, and social is competing against more mature marketing channels that have shown results for decades.

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We’re Off to Meet More Wizards

I’d like to sincerely thank Dan for taking the time to open up about who he is, where he comes from and how he approaches content and comedy. Thanks, Dan!

Of course, TopRank Marketing’s journey to Emerald City is still underway. In the coming months, we’ll be bringing you more exclusive interviews and insights from industry wizards to add some smarts, heart and nerve to your marketing efforts.

Stay tuned for our next installment, my pretty!

What’s one thing you’d ask the all-powerful marketing wizard for? Tell us in the comments section below.

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