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Win a Free Trip to CTAConf 2016 [Prize Package Valued at $6,000]

Want to rub shoulders with some of the greatest minds in marketing in one of the most beautiful cities in Canada? Better yet, wanna do it for free? Prove your conversion chops and we’ll send you to the Call to Action Conference in Vancouver (a prize package valued at over $6,000).

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#SproutChat Recap: Navigating Social Advertising

Sure, many companies have massive followings, but that doesn’t mean their posts are guaranteed to secure a spot in a fan’s newsfeed. In order to reach a Read more...

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Online Marketing News: 29 Content Metrics, Twitter Ditches Brevity and Hungerithms

essential content marketing success metrics from Curata

essential content marketing success metrics from Curata

Content Marketing Measurement: 29 Essential Metrics [Infographic]
Knowing whether or not your content marketing is working is one of the biggest challenges that content marketers face. But you don't have to face that scary challenge alone. Curata has compiled 29 important metrics to help content marketers measure the success of their content marketing, and they're more than just top level. Curata

New Twitter Update Coming: How Marketers Will Soon Be Able to Maximize All 140 Characters
Fellow marketers, it's finally happening! Twitter is leaving brevity in the rear view. OK -- maybe not completely, you still only have 140 characters, but that count will officially no longer include images or links. The changes will be taking place over the next few months, according to the Twittersphere. There are a good amount of things that will no longer rack up your character count: Usernames, quoted tweets, photos and other media attachments. Buffer

Snickers 'Hungerithm' Sets the Candy's In-Store Price Based on the Internet's Mood
Is this marketing news? I certainly think so. Snickers is taking sentiment analysis, real-time marketing, and personalization to a new level. The candy bar company is integrating all of these fun new technologies, in Australia only for now, and tieing it in with their existing 'you're not you when you're hungry' messaging. The hangrier the interwebs get, the lower the price of a Snickers bar. This is an awesome example of what's yet to come for integrated marketing campaigns, get ready! Adweek

Major Google Analytics and AdWords changes [@SmartInsights Alert]
On May 24th, Google hosted their annual Performance Summit. There, they announced a litany of changes to both AdWords and Analytics. Notably, the aforementioned redesign of AdWords, making it a more visually engaging platform that conforms with other Google branded experiences. Other changes include expanding text ads, including expanding headlines to two, 30 character rows vs. one, 25 character row and increasing the description line to 80 characters. Smart Insights

40% of marketers at big companies wait to make SEO changes

Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Desktop-Based Ad Retargeting Exchange
In a continued effort to push online advertisers to their mobile-first advertising platforms, Facebook announced that it's shutting down it's desktop-based ad retargeting exchange. Mobile now accounts for a whopping 82% of the company's overall revenue, so the move seems only natural for the social media giant. Will other platforms follow suit? Adweek

More must be done to educate brands on online ad rules, says ASA
According to Marketing Week, "The ASA believes that despite a fall in the number of complaints about ads by the public “more needs to be done” to educate brands about their obligations when it comes to online advertising.Figures published today (26 May) by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) show that the number of online ads investigated by the body is more than double the total for TV – the second most complained about medium. Some 8,633 online ads were subject to investigations, while the number for TV ads was 3,920." The ASA has admitted that the regulatory body needs to do more to ensure that brands understand their obligations under the CAP Code, regardless of medium. Marketing Week

Twitter Disbands Commerce Team, Ceases Product Development On “Buy” Button
The team that's responsible for Twitter's 'buy' button is reportedly disbanded. BuzzFeed reported A number of members of Twitter’s roughly 25-person commerce team have left the company, and those who remain now largely work on two separate product teams: customer service and dynamic product ads. Customer service may one day include a commerce element (think: a buy button inserted by a company into a direct message), but Twitter has not announced any such plans to date." BuzzFeed

What were your top online marketing news stories this week?

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Instagram Algorithm: How Marketers Should Alter Their Strategy


Do you use Instagram to showcase your business? Have you heard about the new algorithm and other changes? Sue B. Zimmerman joins us to explore the latest Instagram updates. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and [...]

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- Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

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Why You Don’t Have Enough Time for Your Blog (and What to Do About It)

We hear one complaint from our readers time and time again. It appears in a variety of flavors: “I’d like to start a blog, but I’m too busy.” “I want to grow my blog, but I just don’t have the time.” “I wish I had more time to dedicate to my blog, but it seems(...)

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7 Infographics Every Digital Marketer Needs to See

I love infographics as a marketing tool, don’t you? They can convey a huge amount of information in a compact form. It’s an easy way to hit the highlights of your chosen topic without losing the reader to text fatigue. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, so it makes sense that infographics [...]

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6 Visual Apps for Creating Social Media Content


Do you need to create content on the go? Looking for mobile apps to help? A number of mobile apps let you create professional-looking images, animations, and video using only your mobile device. In this article, you’ll discover six mobile apps to create content for your social media profiles. All apps mentioned are available for [...]

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Exploring Online Shopping Behavior: How website characteristics affect likelihood of purchase and basket value on ecommerce sites

How do characteristics of ecommerce websites affect visitor shopping behavior and likelihood to purchase? Despite the multitude of different ecommerce types and website design features available, a recent study finds some general principles that ecommerce stores can test for themselves.

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The Definitive Guide to Measuring Your First Paid Social Campaign

Paid and promoted social media posts can help you cut through all that deafening social media noise. That is, if you're tracking your efforts and iterating and optimizing as you see fit. If that feels like an impossible feat, this guide will help, erm, guide you.

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The 11 Best Free Email Marketing Tools

If social media is the fun and unpredictable uncle of the marketing family, then email is an old, reliable grandparent. Sure, it might not Read more...

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