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The Top 8 Social Media Conferences to Book in 2018

We’ve already seen countless algorithm updates from the likes of Instagram and Facebook. Yet, as communication trends and preferences continue to evolve, so too will our social platforms. The question is, how do you get ahead of the curve?

While reading up on the latest articles and news releases is always recommended, social media conferences could be the ultimate way to supplement your knowledge. Where else can you learn from some of the best minds in your field, network with fellow marketers and geek-out over digital strategies?

Social media conferences are the perfect excuse to get out of the office and learn about your industry. Plus they’re a great way to fill up your social feeds with some interesting snaps!

If you’re hoping to fill your schedule with a few social media events, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve organized some of the biggest and best social media conferences into the must-attend list for 2018. Stick with us all the way to the bottom of the article for some tips on where to visit in 2019 too!

1. Gartner Digital Marketing Conference: May 15-17

If you consider yourself to be on the cutting edge of social media conferences, then the Gartner event is ideal for you. This digital marketing experience is perfect for customer experience professionals, marketing leaders and senior social managers.

The event covers some of the latest tools and trends intended to help you become a better marketer. Speakers include professor of cognitive neuroscience, Tali Sharot, and CEO of Edelman, Richard Edelman.

2. Social Media Week LA: June 12-14

Set as the three primary pillars for Social Media Week LA, Learn, Experience and Connect will be the main topics of discussion. This major event is one of the biggest for social media marketers and managers to dig in deep into the industry. While Social Media Week New York has already passed, many are getting prepared for the second flagship event this summer in LA.

Some of the main speakers to look for include: Rosa Walker of Hulu, Hillary Levine Power of Super Deluxe and Rosette Pambakian of Tinder.

Each year, the Social Media Week event is hosted in its three flagship cities: Los Angeles, New York and London. However, the crew doesn’t stop there. If you’re looking for something a little closer, check out its list of 2018 conferences in satellite cities such as Milan, Rome, Zurich and so many more! New cities are added each year, so see if the next SMW event is happening around you!

3. Frost & Sullivan MindXchange: June 16-18

The Frost & Sullivan MindXchange conference is an excuse to get nerdy with your campaigns. It pursues the “complete reinvention of marketing” and hosts plenty of speakers and industry insight in the three-day event in Nashville, Tennessee. Bringing together marketing leaders from around the world, MindXchange discusses actionable insights and important strategies for the changing nature of the digital world. It’s followed by a “Marketing Impact” report released on July 19th each year.

The sheer number of people taking part in this conference is mind-boggling. It features speakers like Scott Harkins of FedEx, Burges Karkaria of Intel and Andrew Malcolm of Evernote.

4. ANA Digital & Social Conference: July 25-27

The ANA Conference keeps modern marketers on top of the latest social and digital trends. Covering evolutions from the first half of the year and predictions for the second half, it’s the ideal way to transition into Q3 and Q4 of your business.

This will be the 9th annual ANA conference and will take place in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Here the ANA Digital & Social Conference will feature top social media leaders covering topics like AI, influencer marketing, virtual reality, content marketing and chatbots.

5. Inbound: September 4-7

The agenda for Inbound 2018 isn’t set in stone yet. However, we do know it’s taking place in Boston. This exciting marketing event has already hosted speeches from Seth Godin, Michelle Obama and Rand Fishkin. You definitely can look forward to some great keynotes for this conference!

Additionally, one of the great things about Inbound is that it isn’t all business. If you’re hoping to have a little fun while you learn about the state of digital marketing, this is the event for you. Inbound comes with food truck lunches, happy hours and nightly parties too.

6. Content Marketing World: September 5-8

The ultimate place for companies to learn everything they need to know about content is here. Content Marketing World is a highly-sought after summit based in Cleveland, Ohio. Every year new speakers join the amazing roster to talk all things content. This year, you can expect to hear from Kate Santore of Coca-Cola, Linda Boff of GE and even Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

CMWorld 2018 gives brands all the marketing materials and support they need to take an enhanced content strategy back to their team. That includes an insight into the latest social trends too.

7. EVENTtech: November 12-14

More than 1,000 marketers are set to attend EVENTtech in Las Vegas this year. The conference explores how brands use social media to enhance in-person and live experiences. Coming to you from Event Marketer, the summit is the must-see digital marketing conference of the year.

There are over 100 classes and workshops to attend and countless exciting activities. Visitors can even enjoy exploring some of the latest interactive tools and apps in the industry.

8. Social Fresh: December 5-7

Easily one of the more exciting social media conferences on this list is the 2018 Social Fresh Conference. Thanks to its exceptional list of speakers, it’s a must-attend event for those budding or well-experienced in the field. Hosted in Winter Park, Florida, you can expect to hear from Duke University, IBM and many other leading companies. The tickets are affordable too so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

This year, the conference will cover all the most up-to-date changes and training in the social sphere. It’s designed to get you ready for 2019 and ensure your marketing efforts are on track.

Social Media Conferences to Start Planning Around in 2019

If you’re a little late to the party and missed a few events this year, don’t worry. There are more incredible social media conferences to attend in 2019 too. While we don’t have the dates for these events just yet, they’re worth watching out for when you’re planning next year’s calendar.

Growth Hackers

Usually taking place in San Diego, California, the Growth Hackers Conference is a one-day conference, covering some of the most crucial information on how to build your business in the year ahead. At this summit, you discover unique insights into how to grow your team and brand. The experience is hosted by Sean Ellis, the person who first coined the term “growth hacker” in 2010. You can sign up for their mailing list to get the latest information about Growth Hackers 2019 dates, speakers, location and more.

Social Media Strategies Summit

One of the most popular go-to social media conferences is the the Strategies Summit. This event helps companies build social plans, content creation campaigns and much more. If you want to learn about the impact technology has on branding and social communication, this is the conference for you. Often hosted in San Francisco during the first couple of months of the year, the event is a great place for networking and learning how to take your social strategy to the next level.

Social Media Marketing World

Hosted by Social Media Examiner, Social Media Marketing World takes place every year in San Diego. With conference dates usually set in February or March, SMM World offers empowering insights from digital experts around the globe. Some of the attendees for 2018 included Jay Baer, Guy Kawasaki and Mari Smith. Along with incredible keynote speeches, there’s plenty of networking parties and workshops to enjoy here. Register to get up-to-date information on 2019’s conference.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit: February 27-29

Where better to sink your teeth into digital marketing than the Big Apple? The New York Digital Marketing Innovation Summit brings together marketing leaders from PepsiCo, Google, Nike and other major enterprise businesses in the space. Get a glimpse into current trends and check out the latest technology for marketers at this event.

While you’re here, you’ll discover how you can create an omnichannel experience for your audience. You might even have a chance to boost your popularity with a bit of professional networking. Registration is already live for next year’s summit!

Exploring the Best Social Media Conferences

A conference is more than just a room packed full of over-heated marketers. It’s a chance to network, explore new ideas and empower your brand. This year, try adding a few of the events above into your calendar. You’ll be surprised how much you learn and grow when you connect with the peers in your space.

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But that won’t always be the case. Harnessing the opportunity right now has the potential to differentiate your B2B brand from the competition early on, showcasing your commitment to innovation.

For example, Prophix, a leading provider of corporate performance management (CPM) software solutions in the FP&A industry, wanted to drive awareness in a unique way around its report on the evolution of financial planning and analysis, as well as its solutions.

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#3 – Interactive tools can provide you with exclusive data and analytics.

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Oh, and that data is viewable in its Analytics Dashboard within second of it happening.

Ceros Interactive Content Tool

While traditional analytics platforms and the data within them is invaluable, from my perspective, this more niche data can help uncover some insights that can help you refine your asset on the fly or consider how to improve other content types moving forward.

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And interactive is especially powerful, when combined with other tried-and-true content marketing tactics.

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Influence 2.0

The infographic was promoted via blog posts, social channels, email, and through the influencers that contributed. With calls to action embedded within the interactive infographic, this content succeeded at attracting over 1,700 prospective customers to download the full report with a 43% conversion rate.

What Opportunity Does Interactive Content Hold for Your B2B Brand?

Interactive content is here to stay. But the real opportunity doesn’t lay in the interactivity itself. The real value creation is in the excitement or connection that you can make with your audience, as well as the potential to hold their attention for long enough to engrain your message or inspire action.

[bctt tweet="The real opportunity with #interactivecontent doesn’t lay in the interactivity itself. The real value creation is in the excitement or connection that you can make with your audience. - @CaitlinMBurgess" username="toprank"]

So, B2B marketers. If you’re ready to break away from boring and drive better engagement, interactive content deserves your consideration.

How can you leverage interactive content? Check out our post featuring five ways of making marketing magic with interactive content.

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