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#SproutChat Recap: Best Practices for Managing Content

What’s the key to managing content when working on larger marketing teams? What’s best practice for keeping track of content performance? These are questions we face everyday, as content is the bread and butter of any social strategy.

So in this week’s¬†#SproutChat, we discussed best practices for documenting your content management processes for and amplifying your efforts.

Organization Is Key

Take care to organize your multimedia content and keep track of it in an asset library for easy finding. Keep documentation of what kinds of content you’re using for each social platform.

Create Now, Edit Later

If you’re in charge of social for a live event or on the go, try to remember that you can always edit content later. Take as many raw photos and videos as you can for repurposing later on in your content pipeline.

Tagging Creates Seamless Processes

There are a variety of ways to organize social content, but tagging might be the easiest (and most effective) method. Tag your visual assets for quick look up and utilize UTM tagging for easily tracking your content’s performance.

Amplify Your Efforts

If you’re launching a new social campaign make sure that your employee advocates are aware and ensure that you’ve socialized the news to the company at large. Create easy to share social copy and visuals so that the barrier to share is low.

Join us next Wednesday, 2 P.M. CT at #SproutChat, to talk about planning social campaigns for the holidays. Until then, check out our Facebook community to connect with others in the industry.

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